Giant Amoeba | About
At the very outset let me start by thanking you for dropping by to visit my photography website. I am Srivathsan Doraiswamy and to those of you fretting about getting your tongue in a tangle, you could call me Srivats or Vats (as I am known at work). I live in Northwest London with my wife and 2 children.

I am a fairly recent starter with "serious" photography - albeit I had always nurtured a passion for the art since my college days, in the late 80s. Even though I had a formal training in the art and craft of photography in the mid-90s, the exorbitant costs associated with films, processing and the gear itself and the minimal odds of making successful images, dissuaded me from pursuing the art with any active interest. However, things started to change drastically after I first obtained a Nikon Point and Shoot in 2003. With the digital age, I soon realized that I have the power to review my images soon after they are captured and alter my exposure or composition on the spot. The 2 weeks of waiting to develop my prints was suddenly a thing of the past. Nonetheless, my forays with the camera tended to be invariably during family holidays, once a year, at best.

Following my relocation to UK, from India, there was plenty of spare time available to pursue my interest with some degree of seriousness. The scenic landscapes of Cotswold, Henley-on-Thames, Oxford, Woodstock and the surroundings offered fantastic photographic possibilities. The vibrant colours and the magic of seasons were too tempting for me not to further explore my interest. With plenty of walking trails, we would take off every weekend spending some quality family time on the walks. I also found this to be an ideal excuse to get my photographic gear out in the open - besides finding family volunteers to haul the tripod! My children readily agreed to be my models which made it more interesting. Pleased and quite surprised with the output, I consciously sought out further learning and training to strengthen my knowledge. Training videos on the Internet and disciplined practice sessions, helped me gain more confidence. However, it was not until August or September of 2011 that I took a very keen interest to pursue this as a serious hobby and there has been no looking back. I, now, try my best to achieve a sense of balance and simplicity in my images - while not forgetting to enjoy the beauty of the scene.

Pursuing a full-time job and exploring photographic opportunities over the weekends - British weather permitting - is quite a challenge, but it has certainly brought a great sense of pleasure and satisfaction and a sense of purpose. I hope you enjoy the images as much as I have had when looking through the viewfinder when composing them. I intend to keep enriching this website with more galleries in the near future and I would love to hear your views and thoughts.